The existing technologies used to treat water are delicate, inefficient, expensive, wasteful, and cumbersome. These serious shortcomings make it difficult for each to perform well in the harsh conditions where they are most often needed.


The founders of Cascade Water Solutions recognized the lack of a dominant economical technology in the rapidly expanding global water treatment field. They rose to this challenging opportunity, to bring together breakthrough solutions which improve methods of recovering water from a variety of sources that include seawater recovery, brackish water treatment, municipal waste treatments, and water recovery within the oil field servicing business. These improvements are based on the numerous patents and developments of Mark Holtzapple who is our Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

Our technology is clearly different as it overcomes the need to scale up to achieve reasonable economies.  It can be much smaller, lending it to decentralization with lower capital costs.
It can be portable, deploying in 40' foot mobile units, which avoids the burden of costs allocating a unit to just one fixed location.  Being portable, allows it to be moved to adjust to seasonal changes or drought conditions, or even rapidly deployed in emergency disaster applications to remote areas of pressing needs.
Our ability to recover a much higher percentage of water is dramatic & has multiple impacts. Most Reverse Osmosis systems recover about 55% of potable water, discharging 45% as an environmentally unfriendly brine. The costs and restrictions on such discharge is growing. Cascade Water Solutions are recovering 90% of the water, resulting in a very concentrated brine or even dry minerals that now have significant market value in their mineral content.
This higher water production rate is a significant source of cost reduction and a profit center by itself.  The recovery of minerals is yet to be fully exploited, but our higher recovery rate of water results in a dramatic concentration in the resulting residue, which is key to enhancing the economic potential of our approach. Future economies will benefit from our economical sources of key materials for fertilizers, building materials, metals like magnesium and other valued markets.
Cascade is working on spin-offs and joint venture projects with companies already struggling with these problems in the mineral recovery field.