StarDesal is our industrial strength unit for treating Oil and gas wastewater.


  • Dry waste removal

  • Robust and Low Maintenance

  • Portable and Modular


  • Oilfield WasteWater

  • Mining

The wastewater generated by fracking is too dirty for existing technologies to recycle, posing numerous environmental concerns with disposal. It’s enormous quantities propose a transportation issue as well.


StarDesal is able to accept water no matter how dirty it may be, and recover >95% of the water, leaving a dry salt to be easily managed. The trailer mounted units can be delivered directly to the oilwell, and work in parallel with each other where demand is especially high. 


Similar challenges are present in precious metals mining around the world.


StarStream is our lightweight, finesse unit


  • Ultra Efficient

  • Robust and Low Maintenance

  • Portable and Modula


  • Disaster Relief

  • Large Quantity Support

  • Onboard Seafaring Desalination

In unique situations, a unit as compact as StarDesal is called for, with extreme efficiency requirements. Compared to StarDesal, StarStream is portable and modular, robust and low maintenance, and can treat water no matter how dirty.


StarStream trades a lower recovery rate, about 70%, for greatly enhanced efficiency. This addresses several unique applications. Disaster relief requires large quantities of water in difficult to reach areas. StarStream can replace expensive bottled water and tanker trucks. Fracking wells generate millions of gallons of water in the first few weeks before settling at a lower rate. StarStream units can be temporarily deployed to support StarDesal. Yachts, cruise ships, and navy ships require desalination with stringent space and energy parameters. StarStream addresses all of these