Cascade Water Solutions will Let Water Flow for a thirsty world, by striving to find new paths forward through technical innovation with attention to safety, responsibility, and respect for the contribution by each team member.
Our ethos is the foundation that unifies how we do it and why.

The best way to predict our future is to create it. Our success is a product of our vision, our attitudes, and our actions. Through this Standard, I am committed to the success of my team, my teammates, and myself.

Every day, our vision is to focus on achieving the impossible. As we strive for the impossible, we find our limitations and will overcome them with precision and safety.

We are humble and courageous, fueling our body, mind, and spirit by innovatively surmounting strategic challenges.  As we seek to conquer new challenges, we will continuously share our progress and setbacks with our teammates, as success is born by learning from both. 

We are not satisfied with just finding new paths; rather, we always improve upon them. We are never complacent and never alone. We recognize and celebrate our victories, and help each other overcome our struggles.

We act as one through honest collaboration, and never compromise. We act with a sense of urgency and integrity, respecting the time and efforts of others with timely communications, synchronized operations, and leadership at every level.  

Everything that we accomplish results from teamwork. I can do my job because my teammates do theirs.  My teammates can do their job because I do mine. It is our responsibility to demand everyone’s best effort and to support each other with high regard. 

To ensure that our proud tradition and reputation continue to grow, it is my responsibility to ensure that we pass this Standard to all new teammates. Success is a process, not a finish line.