The founders of Cascade Water Solutions recognized this lack of a dominant economical technology in the rapidly expanding global water treatment field.  They rose to this challenge, to bring together breakthrough solutions which improve methods of recovering water from a variety of sources that include  Oilfield and mining wastewater, disaster relief, and onboard seafaring desalination. 


Existing technologies used to treat water are delicate, inefficient, expensive, wasteful, and cumbersome. These serious shortcomings make it difficult for each to perform well in the harsh conditions where they are most often needed.


These improvements are based on the numerous patents and developments of Mark Holtzapple, our Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

Meet the Team
Mickey E. Fouts
Founder, Chairman & CEO

Chairman of the Board & CEO, has over ten years as a corporate international executive in water-related companies.  His leadership with public and private companies began in 1981. His background includes global work in real estate, corporate finance  and technologies.   He was a general partner of a major real estate firm in the '70's,  and his consulting has covered domestic companies and in Asia, Europe and Latin America.  His work in College Station, TX, started in 1990 when he served on the board of a battery research company with connections to the engineering school at Texas A&M University.  In 2016, he began working on water desalination technologies with Dr. Mark Holtzapple

Mark Holtzapple, PhD
Founder, Director &

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and inventor of numerous patents (51 U.S. patents), including desalination, StarRotor compressor, and biomass conversion.  He is a tenured professor of chemical engineering at Texas A&M University, and in the last year has lectured in Scotland, the UAE, and in China.   Dr. Holtzapple is a co-founder of Cascade Water Solutions, LLC.  His prolific work on biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals has attracted global attention.  His prime contributions will be to maintain and expand our patent positions as we develop our licensing and joint ventures.

Björn Kjerfve, PhD

Björn, with more than four decades of university service, is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina, an oceanographer with extensive international working/research experience in Brazil, Latin America, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, China, Sweden, and Australia. His research expertise is coastal oceanography, hydrology, environmental science, and climate change. He is an elected corresponding member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. He served until recently as Chancellor of the American University of Sharjah (UAE), prior to that as President of the World Maritime University (Sweden), and still earlier as Dean of the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University (USA). As Director of Cascade Water Solutions, he will focus on international development and promotion of international licensing of Cascade Water Solutions.

Scott Brauer

Director, Executive Committee member, and serial entrepreneur with Ambit Inc, NozeSeal and APG.  His career path covers 21 years as a Navy SEAL officer with specialties in R&D of disruptive technologies, languages for the Middle East, a variety of leadership development roles with corporations, professional sports teams and various YPO / WPO groups.

Haigh pic1.jpg
George Haigh
Director, Capital Finance

Managing Director of family office group.  He brings broad experience in asset management, private equity, private lending, real estate and estate planning.  George holds multiple board positions in public service, private charities and non-profit organizations.  For the past 2 years, George helped develop a 501(c)3 to build a new critical access hospital that will enable long-term financial sustainability and access to emergency healthcare services in Saratoga, Wyoming.  While serving on the Cascade board of directors and executive committee, Mr. Haigh will direct the company's strategic planning for capital procurement.

Advisors and Counsel

Peter R. Williams PhD, Advisor, is retired as the CTO for Big Green Innovations for IBM, & as a Distinguished Engineer.  

Bin Sulaiman, Advisor, long career with several major banks in developing countries with a long-standing interest in our water treatment technology for those areas.


Blake P Callaway, Legal counsel, with the firm of Senn Viscano Canges on our organization and corporate growth functions.


Ryan Loveless, Legal counsel, Loveless Law Group covers our Patents and Intellectual Property.


Phillip Whitcomb, Legal counsel, Munsch Hardt & Harr, PC.  Counsel on license and merger strategy. 

ASA Beck, CFO & Administration, Cogent Strategies, LLC, an independent contractor of Vistage Worldwide, Inc.